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The following tips I will provide are not set in stone.  Each individual will develop a unique way to study.


  1. Stay focus
  2. Read a little daily
  3. Define terms you aren't familiar with
  4. Underscore classroom notes in book
  5. Do not study more than one hour at a time
  6. Ask questions in class
  7. Go over unfamiliar contents
  8. Don't re-write the book
  9. Don't cram before testing
  10. Get some rest
  11. Don't skip meals
  12. Don't party/drink all night before tests
  13. Take some me time and family time
  14. Pray
  15. Keep the Faith!


Where To Study

1. Good lighting

2. Library

3. Park

4. Dinning room

5. Away from distrations.


Who to study with

1. Very small groups (2-4 people)

2. Other serious students

When To Study

1. Daily

2. Within a couple of hours after lectures

3. When distractions are few.



1. Stay up without any sleep prior to testing

2. Cheat

3. Be negative

4. Go without eating too long

5. Give up



1. Be positive

2. Give your all

3. Believe in yourself

4. Ask what you don't know or understand

5. Be prepared

6. Pray if you believe in prayer

7. Take one day at a time

8. Study



Pharmacology tips

Please, do not let this class, Pharmacology, overwhelm you. Approach it one day at a time. Like any other class, do not get behind. Following are some helpful hints to passing Pharmacology.

  • Study drugs as a class
  • Underscore different signs and symptoms
  • Know what to teach a patient about their usage
  • Know sufix of the drugs to help you understand their usage
  • Study daily


Listing belove are some links to assist you to study.

Test yourselves

Care Plans

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Disclaimer: This is not for medical advice, but, for a way to study.

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