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NCLEX Practice Test

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These are practice tests only.

I will provide several and up-date new ones as often as I can.

  1. Which is not a PRIMARY cause of Glaucoma?
  • Retinal detachent
  • Aging
  • Central retinal vein occlusion
  • Heredity

   2.  In teaching a patient with glaucoma about saftey, which is NOT the correct response.

  • Do not remove or re-arrange furniture.
  • Use bright throw rugs throughout the home to aid in seeing them.
  • Keep appliance cords short and out of hallways.
  • Cleaning products should be label with large readable letterings.

    3.  You are taking care of a 68 years old male patient with a possible diagnoses of Meningitis.  The clinet is asked to line supine, nurse flexes the patient's leg at the hip, brings the knee to a 90-degree angle, and then attempts to extend the knee and pain is experience with spasm of the hanstring muscle when the leg is straightened.  You know that this is called?

  • Brudzinski reflex
  • Babinski's sign
  • Romberg sign
  • Kernign's sign

    4. Mr. Right is schedule to take his Digoxin tablet at 9:00AM. You asses his radial pulse and find it to be 59 beats per minute. You will:

  • Give the Digoxin because the pulse is not too low
  • Wait 5 minutes and reasses the pulse
  • Give only half his scheduled does and notify the doctor
  • Hold the medication, document and notify the doctor

        5. Ms. Songs is on your medical unit for treatment of peptic ulcer disease.  She ask why she cannot take her Zantac with her other medicine at 0900 instead of a bedtime. Your best response would be:

  • Drug promotes healing and symptoms relief of duodenal ulcer when taken at bedtime.
  • Bedtime administration suppresses nocturnal acid production
  • I know when the best time to give your medication
  • Bedtime administration helps to aid in sleep.

Answere to questions 1-5.

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